Batman – Gotham Knight Magazine Scans!

Just something I did as a project for a class for my writing class at college. I don’t really feel like deleting it though. 🙂

Some scans for the new Batman animated movie are out! Click for the full-size! Credits to tancj for the upload.


Feldt Collab 「Gundam 00」

Gundam 00: Feldt and Haro

Click for full-size

I wanted to color this when I first saw it in ComiPa‘s gallery, which was who knows how long ago. His work is mostly black and white manga drawings, though sometimes he does things in color and when he does, it’s awesome. I highly suggest going and checking his gallery there at deviantART out if you like this drawing of his.

Well, back to the coloring. I started this on a whim since I wanted to kill some time before I went on the trip to Yosemite (which was totally awesome, even if snow was a hassle to deal with). Originally, I didn’t plan on finishing it that day, but I just kept going until it finished for some reason. I ended up going to sleep at like 3 in the morning, but it was alright since I pretty much slept during the whole bus ride to Yosemite.

I tried a different style again for this and based it off some Clannad fan arts I saw around the web. The yellowish hue looks nice and warm and I quite like it so you might see some things in the future done in this style. Hopefully I’ll be more adept at it then. 😛 The petals were a really big pain to do, but they were worth it in the end. In total, I think I spent about 6 hours on this on the first time around, and since then I’ve made a few edits. Also, woot for being my first new work for the year!

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